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Wondering if anyone can help I have a pioneer DV44 purchased about 2-3 years ago. It is listed as being able to CDR, CDRW, VCD and DVD. It used to play all of these no problems, however, it has started having trouble. It doesn't play commercials cds at all, and it does play VCD but it takes several goes before it recognises it. It'll chew the disc for a while and spit it out a couple of times and the then eventually it will recognise it and play no problems. Is it possible that a setting or a connection change may have caused this or is it a fault with the player? Thanks

-- Kirsty Rinaldi (, November 25, 2004


It sounds like your machine is simply wearing out and needs to be replaced. If you know of a repair shop that will give free estimates (and you can trust them) try that. However, with DVD players becoming so cheap, it's almost not worth the time to fix an older one.

-- Bryan (, November 29, 2004.

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