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Just got my F4 1000s, and changing out all the bits. Dealer here has an Ohlins rear shock for a 750. Will this fit the 1000? Any linkage/ratio issues?

-- Eric Hos (, November 25, 2004



Tough one to answer, I'd be amazed if anyone else has even looked at this question let alone done it. Ohlins only made a small number of shocks for the 750 and delisted them a long time ago, so hardly any about anymore. The factory indicate that there were changes to both front (50mm fork legs and geometry changes) and to the rear but I haven't seen any details on what they might be. I think, if you can afford to take the chance, you will just have to try it and see. Or you could just give me the dealers contact info and I will have it for my 01 bike.

-- Mark M (, November 26, 2004.

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