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Some people have objected to topics such as politics on this forum or any topic that does not concern evangelism. I would like to refer us to the purpose as stated by the late Rev. John Fisher. It is copied here below, but anyone can read it by going to the page above the Discussion Forum:

"We have several ways of discussing and communicating on this site!

We have two chat rooms and two discussion groups all designed to for the users of this site to freely talk about issues that concern us both within the church and throughout the world.

The topics of discussion are diverse and free-ranging. To discuss them click on one of the links below."

The Late Rev. John Fisher.

It appears that Rev. Fisher had no problem with "free ranging and diverse" topics.

I enjoy evangelism, and discussions that preach, lift up the name of Jesus, and anything that glorifies God. At the same time, Jesus (John 17) left his disciples in the world to be a leveaning agent to help change the world. One cannot change that which one does not understand. So I try to stay up to date on the world around me by reading, listening, and discussing with others so that I can see the world through the eyes of others. It helps me to quantify and synthesize what I understand and hence what I believe.

Again, we can disagree and present arguments pro and con on any topic without becoming estranged from each other, name calling or demaening anyone for their beliefs.

Be Blessed al paris

Two of the links are real time chat links while the other two are discussion groups or forums.

Please participate and let your feelings be known!

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2004


Thank you, Rev. Paris.


-- Anonymous, November 24, 2004

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