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I purchased a Proto1000 RS-11 recently. I pulled the light board out and replaced it with an NCE DA-SR decoder. I wired in LED lamps with 680 resistors for both directions. The lamps do not operate in either direction. The forward lamp did flash during programming when a function was set so I assume that they do have power going to them. Tested the lamps off board and they do operate. Motor and power wiring is correct as the engine does run fine, just no lighting.

I have placed a section of electrical tape on the underside of the decoder to ensure no shorts to the frame.

Any ideas on what I am missing here? Is there a setting that has to be changed simply because of the LED lamps maybe?

My only other thought is that I am now using the prodigy advance system and this is my first DA-SR decoder. Perhaps an issue between the prodigy and the NCE decoder? Other NCE decoders I have do work fine on both my original prodigy and the new advance.

-- Dan Ferrick (, November 21, 2004


I am also using the Prodigy Advance. Installed the NCE DA-SR in my Stewart FA7A. Had no problem with the lights. Are you sure you observed Cathode and Anode side of the LED? If not, it will not work.

Hope this helps.


-- Ralph Schott (, November 21, 2004.

Not certian what went wrong as all I did was assign an engine number during the programming but the problem has been resolved. Spoke to NCE directly. They were very helpful. Tech guy had me reset the decoder to factory defaults, cv-30 =2. This did not work at first. Must have not taken correctly. After second programming to factory defaults, lamps work fine now forward and reverse.

-- Dan Ferrick (, December 04, 2004.

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