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i am building a go-cart frame but im not sure how to lay out the front of it. and how i can make a steering system and i dont know how to connet it all to a front axle.

-- ross cochrane (, November 20, 2004


You need two front axles, one for each wheel. Weld them at 90 degrees to a short piece of tubing to make 'L' shapes, well more like '7' because you flip them. Mount the 'L' so it rotates at the vertex, by use of a bolt. The wheels go on one end, and the tie-rod is mounted on the other. You'll need 2 tie rods - these are connected to the pivoting arm on the steering column, and to the arm of each of the 'L' pieces. Look for pictures on the net of real go-carts as they have this set-up.

-- jimmy (, November 20, 2004.

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