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What would be the reaction in our churches and communities if a white conservative radio host (Limbaugh or O'Reilly) made disparaging comments about a prominent black female Democrat? See the article below from the Associated Press. QED

Radio Host Calls Rice 'Aunt Jemima'

Fri Nov 19,12:33 AM ET

By JAMES A. CARLSON, Associated Press Writer

MILWAUKEE - A radio talk show host drew criticism Thursday after calling Condoleezza Rice (news - web sites) an "Aunt Jemima" and saying she isn't competent to be secretary of state. John Sylvester, the program director and morning personality on WTDY-AM in Madison, said in a phone interview Thursday that he used the term on Wednesday's show to describe Rice and other blacks as having only a subservient role in the Bush administration.

Rice has served as President Bush (news - web sites)'s national security adviser and was named this week to replace the departing Colin Powell (news - web sites) as secretary of state.

Sylvester, who is white, also referred to Powell as an "Uncle Tom" a contemptuous term for a black whose behavior toward whites is regarded as fawning or servile.

He said Thursday night that he was referring to remarks by singer and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte that the price of admittance for blacks to the Bush White House was subservience.

As for Rice, "they're using her for an illusion of inclusion," he said, adding that he feels her history as national security adviser showed a lack of competence.

Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz called the remarks "racially insensitive," while Sen. Russ Feingold (news, bio, voting record), D-Wis., said in a statement he joined "all Wisconsinites in rejecting" the statements.

Linda Hoskins of the NAACP's Madison branch said she could not comment on Sylvester's remarks until she had heard them in their entirety.

The station's corporate office received about 100 calls about his comments, Sylvester said.

He added that he has a long history of commitment to civil rights and has supported Madison's black community.

He said he was planning a giveaway on Friday's show of Aunt Jemima pancake mix and syrup. "I will apologize to Aunt Jemima," he said.

The incident came after a radio host in Milwaukee had his talk show taken off the air all of last week after he used word "wetback" to refer to undocumented Mexican immigrants, sparking protests from Hispanics.


Associated Press writer JR Ross in Madison contributed to this story.

-- Anonymous, November 19, 2004


As an aside, a prominent, African American pastor in the midwest called her "Conda-skeezer" on his broadcast last year. God bless. A.J.

-- Anonymous, November 19, 2004

The man is a fool. However, he is taking his que from a lot of so called black leaders who have no respect for Dr. Rice or Secretary Powell just because they happen to be Republicians. I have had my fellow ministers and two bishops ostracize me when they became aware of the fact that I am a card-carrying Republician. There are those on this board who cannot stand the idea that a right-thinking black person can be anything but a democrat. The fact is that the core beliefs of most black folk are more closely aligned with conservative values than with the liberal agenda; Abortion on demand and Gay marriage are two examples.

Be Blessed

al paris

-- Anonymous, November 19, 2004

Enough is enough. I am a proud democrat. And I am a member and pastor of 2 ame churches. I have watched as this board has died!

A dream and a tool for evangelism and encouragement has been brought down by politics and name calling based on a persons political desires.

Oh, how the children of darkness must be laughing and patting their selves on the back as a once viable website looses hits every day.

Rev. Fisher worked hard for no pay putting this site together and then he offered it as a gift to the world. I know how hard it is to design and maintain a website and pastor. Yet Rev. Fisher did it!

How can we forget this rich legacy that have been entrusted to us.

Dr. Rice is a bright and strong black woman, and she is dealing with the some of the same attitudes that all strong black women have to deal. This difference with Dr. Rice is that she has the protection of the President. If only we could cry out when the President of Payne seminary (a black woman) has to deal with financial budget constraints. If only we could cry out when Bishop Guidry, Bishop Mckenzie, Bishop Davis, Dr. Cee, Dr. Pam Ingram and other black clergywomen in our denomination are working against tremendous obstacles.

It is not about republican or democrat, it is about doing the work of God, it is about fostering an environment where we will be inspired to win souls for Christ, it will be about those on the board helping our churches in Africa.

Bill Dickens is a republican but the brother walks the walk. He is sending Rev. mwandu books for his church. He is working with me to help our churches in Africa with organic farming. A massive undertaking, in addition to writing a book.

It is easy to talk about politics and cry out loud over Dr. Rice, but we need to scream from the top of our lungs about 765,000 black men who are in prison. Scream about 14,000 people homeless in washington D.C. march against the closing of a trauma unit in watts.

March on every school board until our children can read! It is time for us to speak up on this board. At the rate things are going. I would be surprised if this board lasts another 6 months. And what about all those who have already left?

I know I will get attacked for this post, but so what. You see, I am one of those strong black women I mentioned before. I am not going to back down and not lift high the cross.

There is no hand but God's that can silence me from fighting for this board. People are dying because they do not know christ. This is an emergency.

The work of Rev. Fisher and his family will not go in vain. Everyone on this board knows where you stand Rev. Paris. And the majority of us agree to disagree.

Perhaps you can contact Dr. Rice, the President and ask how you can assist them in Texas, there must be local issues that they could use help.

If this board goes down, I want to say to God, I am others tried, we tried to make you the center of this board, we tried to reach and help, we tried to evangelize, we tried to encourage.

I miss Rev. Fisher and especially during the holidays for he would send wonderful encouraging stories to all of us. There was not one day that went by that Rev. Fisher did not offer hope and compassion via email.

Now look at this board, his legacy is gone. I know nothing will change, it will go back to black conservatives. But I know there are still enough of us to Press on. And will press on with the ame herald and other endeavors to uplift our members with the glory of God.

-- Anonymous, November 20, 2004

P.S. The first line of my post should read "I am a member of the ame denomination"

One of the greatest gifts I received from my state was "The woman of courage award" because I stood up to the KKK in 1993,the aryan nation and the militia. I refused to be silent when I received death threats and bomb threats. Because I knew my God was bigger than the children of darkness.

Those that stood by me were white and college students, they risked their lives also. I never asked if they were republican or democrat, I asked if they knew Jesus. They all said yes. Let's keep our eyes on God.

-- Anonymous, November 20, 2004

Rev. Rogers in many ways I agree with your statements. However I think this board has always had a political tint to it and I am not sure that I believe that to bad. Of course we should always be considerate of one another and we should adhere to being civil even in our disagreement.

I regret that I have from time to time not followed the aforementioned commandment.

Now having said all that, I do believe that we must have a forum for African Americans to chat about the issues of the day.

-- Anonymous, November 23, 2004

I have been a member of this MB since July 19, 1999. My first post raised the question about AME-AMEZ unification. Prior to my arrival the late Parson Fisher, Parson Paris, Embry Kinstler and others engaged in spirited political discussions on a wide range of topics like same-sex marriage, Reggie White's racial profiling comments, President Clinton, etc. Harold is right, this MB from the inception invited and encouraged political topics along with theological discussion. The AMEC is both a spiritual and political organ. The founding of the FAS in the late 1800s was based on socio-political considerations. We are who we are.

Now, if I may, let me restate the initial question. If a prominent black Democratic pol like Reps. Maxine Waters or Cynthia McKinney was described in racially offensive language by a conservative shock jock like Rush Limbaugh or G. Gordon Liddy what would be the reaction of our churches and the black community in general? QED

-- Anonymous, November 23, 2004

In fact, Rush Limbaugh has insulted a number of African Americans through the airways. The "soccer moms" accept whatever he says as truth and African Americans could care less. Why should we get excited everytime a cheap trick shot jock makes a stupid statement.

-- Anonymous, November 23, 2004

Rev. Gibson, A.M.E. Today is gone and all that is left is this greenspun board. The board has become a political board. For it seems that the majority of those who post here prefer politics. Those who do not wish to participate in this type of board have already left. I have no desire to try to change this board into something that no one wants.

I am a pastor for God, my agenda will always be spiritual pursuits, God has given me gifts that I can evangelize for him through the internet.

For those who contacted me privately about bible study and evangelism, I will have a board set up in 10 days. I am now pastoring 2 churches and I am getting settled in my new church, which I love!

I met many wonderful friends on this board, most of whom I still stay in touch with, I will never forget the board rev. fisher created that allowed many of us to exchange ideas and lift high the cross.

I wish all those who now post the love of Christ and I wish you all well in all your endeavors.

-- Anonymous, November 23, 2004

Booker T. Wasnington, the founder of Tuskegee and W.E.B. Dubois were at opposite ends of the political spectrum while George Washingtom Carver was basically non-political. These men understood that they had a common goal that they were trying to achieve in the way that God had impowered them. Carver turned the oter check and worked for the betterment of poor people, black and white. Washington was a separatist, "we will do for our selves." and DuBois was a firebrand demanding that we get equality and get it now.

That is what we are missing today. We want everybody to be politically of the same mind. It is important that we be of the same mind in Christ Jesus however there are conservative, liberal, democrat, republican, non-denominational, denominational, and Christians of every stripe.

We, as black folk, will be far better off if we recognize and appreciate our own diversity.

Be Blessed al paris

-- Anonymous, November 23, 2004

Rev. Rogers thank you for the compliment but I am not a minister. I am a concerned Christian who cares deeply about African American people. I want all to be saved but I am particularly interested in those of my hue.

There are many issues facing African Americans and it is my unashamed opinion that now is the time for the church to stand for justice as it did in the days of King.

We must evangelize by being unashamed to cry out on behalf of those who have no voice or whose voice is ignored because their lifestyles are unacceptable to "good" Christians.

I want those who chose to abort as a last resort, or out of desperation to know that God still cares about them and contrary to popular belief God still loves them and wants them to have life and have it more abundantly.

I want the young man or young woman whose homosexuality is causing them to hate themselves to know that despite what many Black preachers preach and teach "God still created them and God knows all about their struggles and God not any of the preachers or the so-called religious people will guide them.

Rev. Rogers, yes I do tire of discussing whether or not the African American Bush appointees are men and women of integrity or tokens. I do often tire of hearing bill and al defend the latest in republican dogma. But those are voices that need to be heard because we are not monolithic and we do not need to be.

But I do not want to stop being a voice for those who feel left out because we won't let them in.

Pastor on my sister in Christ's name and for the sake of Christ God Speed!

-- Anonymous, November 23, 2004

Brother Gibson:

Thank you for your thoughts. It is assuring to know that Jesus came for the least, for the despised and the rejected. I am so glad to know that Jesus came for me. God bless!

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2004

I believe a fair and objective analysis of my contributions will show I have always displayed a passionate interest in theology and spiritual issues along with current events. For example, the December 2004 issue of Ebony has a great special section about "The New Black Spirituality in America". AME Bishops Chappel & McKenzie, National Baptist Prez William Shaw and COGIC Bishop G.E. Patteson are highlighted and provide important commentary. Has anyone taken the time to read this special section? If so, what are your thoughts?

This thread began with no "opinion" offered by the originator. It is clear that some chose not to respond to my question and that's fine. I believe if the circumstances were different the reaction would also be different. It is undeniable that we live in a world with different standards for different people. That's not dogma. QED

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2004

Bill, I agree that were the circumstances different the response would indeed be different. As far as I know, Jesse Jackson has not said a word.

I am so glad that Jesus came for me. But greater than that: "God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son that whosoever believed in would have eternal life." The emphasis is on all. You don't have to be poor or downtrodden or the children of slaves to need Christ. We are born needing Christ; without Him ALL are lost.

If we study our Bibles, God calls particular people for a specific job. Paul was the Apostle to the Gentiles, but Peter also preached to the Gentiles. Jesus himself said he was sent to save the House of Israel.

There are different ministries. Each should adher to his/her calling. If my calling is to minister to conservatives, does that make me wrong? Or if one's ministry is to Native Americans though he himself may not be Native American?

Again, praise the Lord for Diversity. Viva la difference!

Be Blessed Al paris

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2004

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