i need some info on wireing a turntable please!!!

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hello everyone, im trying to figure out how to wire my Walthers 90' TT up to a NCE decoder. i have a MRC AD520 auto reverse unit. the decoder is a NCE D13SR. im useing a NCE PHP to control it with. will this work? if so, can someone tell me how i would go about wireing it? any help is appreciated. thanks!

-- steve manchester (trainzman@verizon.net), November 18, 2004


Must have fixed polarity DCC to all tracks approaching the TT. Wire up auto-reverser from DCC bus to the brush rings feeding the TT bridge tracks. Wire up loco decoder from DCC bus to TT motor. Program it (on the main) to an easy to remember loco address (like 99). Operate it simply by selecting that loco address. [Some decoders may need to be temporarily connected to the programming track in order to re-program the address CVs. You may want to do that first.]

You will find that the TT motor wants to be run at <6Vdc otherwise it rotates much too fast. Use Programming-on-main to set up the motor decoder to run at lower speeds by adjustment of CVs 2, 5, & 6.


-- Don Vollrath (dvollrath@magnetek.com), December 07, 2004.

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