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how do i make a cheap and fast go kart with a engine must be diesel

-- daza (, November 18, 2004


cheap and fast are proportional to each other. The diesel factor adds more $ per unit of speed. Eg. if p (price in US$) = 20 x s (speed in mph) then we form the equation, p = 20s. Since diesels (high performance ones especially) cost twice as much, the diesel factor = 2.

therefore p = 20ds or simply, p = 40s for 10 if you want a 50mph diesel go-cart, expect it to cost $2000 if you want a 50mph petrol go-cart, expect it to cost $1000 if you want a 10mph diesel go-cart, expect it to cost $400 and so on.

You can cut all costs by about half by buying scrap / used parts instead of new.

-- sdtouij (, November 18, 2004.

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-- nonono noer (, November 27, 2004.

Shut up you little fuck. Ace hardware dosnt even sell go carts. They also dont sell diesel go carts. To get a diesel go cart you would have to build it. The cheapest way is to find a used go cart frame and a used diesel engine. A custom mounting plate would have to be made. I have a company that builds ands sells custom mini bikes and go carts. We build from the ground up all custom parts so you get what you want.

-- Nick (, November 28, 2004.

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