Historic Photos of Dolores Park

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Photos of Dolores Park from 1900 - 1920. Where can I find some?

-- John Oliver (oliver51@pacbell.net), November 16, 2004


Try image search on Google with "Dolores Park". You can spot the old pics by their appearance. Threre's 300-some hits. Also, try the SF library. You can inquire online, or go in person, then you have the chance of finding a nice librarian to date. LesB

-- Les Borean (lesiz.gspn@xemaps.com), November 16, 2004.

Here's a few from the library's collection:


-- (bugmo@myrealbox.com), November 18, 2004.

This is a related question: At the very end of the film 'San Francisco,' starring Jeanette MacDonald, Clark Gable, and Spencer Tracy, there's an outdoor park scene where many of the refugees have camped. As there's a lot about the view that reminds me of Dolores Park, I've always wondered if that part of the film was actually done there.

-- Hamilton Barrett (Mimereader2@Yahoo.com), December 15, 2004.

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