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I've been educating myself on the newest technology in knee replacement. The problem is finding a doctor that is not fixated on using what they have experience with. What is the easiest way to find a doctor that will use the newest technology and respond to specific questions about my concerns regarding my expectations. Each time I find a knee replacement part and call to ask about the model and how it would best serve my application, I am cut off with the information that it is not the model the doctor uses. End of conversation. I do not want to make the decision about the model, but want to be part of the process. I don't want to just go to a doctor and trust that the model he uses is the best fit for me. This is a frightening prospect for me just considering the surgery and I want to feel comfortable that it is the best for me. Most patients don't even know what brand or model they have had installed. I want to know the details and what I can expect from my experience. I understand that each brand/model requires different equipment and knowledge and know they cannot change with every new model. How can I get pooled information to best inform myself and also work with a knowledgeable and experienced surgeon.

Having double TKR is not a choice, but mandatory for quality of life. It is not a matter of if, but only when and by whom. I am 61 years old and have no cartilage left in either knee. Have also had a couple of strokes and only plan to do this once on each knee. I would like to be able to ride my horses again and maybe even ski a time or two. A normal walk without pain would be at the top of my list as a goal. The time is very close and I need some help pointing me the right direction. Thank you for any help.

-- Robert Bethke (sabar@earthlink.net), November 16, 2004


Mr. Bethke,

Your best bet is to find an Orthopaedic Surgeon that specializes in total knee reconstruction. The doctor can make or break this operation. A good doctor can put in the worst implant and it will last 10-15-20 years. Another doctor could put in the best implant and it might only last 3-5 years.

Some implants are better that others, but the doctor should be your main concern. You should be able to have a discussion with the doctor you pick about the implant he uses, but pick the doctor FIRST. Do not let the implant dictate the doctor.

You may get more that one referral. They may use different implants. Then you can make a decision biased on the discussion you had with each of the doctors.

The information you get from the Implant Company's may be misleading! Some of the implant companies are more ethical that others in the information they distribute or the way they recruit doctors.

Best of luck!

-- B.Guoff (bugoff@pacbell.net), December 03, 2004.

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