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-- DAN HASTINGS (danrooster@mlode.com), November 12, 2004


Harry Murphy goes by the name Sean M. Hall when he's pulling sophomoric pranks. Please don't dredge up Bad Karma by feeding the ugly troll living under the bridge.

-- Jack Lavin (jacklavin@telus.net), Novenber 13, 2004


i have recently devleoped a way of telling if someone is funny by three sentences they have written. so, what im wondering is, am i funny? by the way, my name doesnt count.cos this really is my name. dont worry, im not thinking about a lawsuit. im thinking about cheese. yes, so id really preciate it if one or many people came up with some sort of funny test. i anticipate questions to which humourus or unhumourus aswers must be given. and u lot remind me of rhebus monkeys.

-- Scott M. Hall (ivecrashedtheserver@hotm ail.com), October 30, 2002


응 응응응응응응응응응응응응응응응응응응@greenspun.com), October 30, 2012.

-- sameasabove (sameasabove@greenspun,com) , October 30, 2012.

It is an interesting fact that Scott Hall is my uncle.

-- King Sean M. Hall I (sanfranciscofanclub@g roups,msn.com), October 30, 2012.

-- Jack Lavin (jacklavin@telus.net), November 13, 2004.

What could ever have given you that idea?

I have thought about giving a small biography here but then thought the better of it. However, in order not to create any more doubts as to who I am, I will tell you that many years ago for a number of years, I lived at a professor's home with swimming pool in the Berkeley hills. And many times Walton Bean came over for dinner. Walton Bean was a famous California History professor. And now I've stayed up all night again and I've got to get some sleep.

-- Harry Murphy (harrymurphy*@bigmailbox.net), November 21, 2004.

I know who harry murphy is, in those magical years of the 70's when you were part of the heart beat of north beach's local family on grant ave. (coffee gallery, 1232, ETC), you knew everybody & they knew you. Harry Murphy is a graffic artist who designed the logo's for M.U.N.I. & the gap which are the only two that I know of, which I'm sure there are lots more of. Harry was a good friend of my boyfriend at that time. He gave me the largest male kitten from his manx cat's litter to help solve my mouse problem, and I named my cat no other than MURPHY.... So if were talking the same cat, I know who harry murphy is.

-- oakie & chico's mom (singinzbluz@aol.com), March 13, 2005.

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