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Hi I'm a spanish girl, and I'll fly to Singapore very soon. I'm interested to buy a digital camera there. But I would like to know, maybe you can help me, if the garantees of the cameras there are international, because I'll be there only two days and if I have some problem with the camera I would like to arrange it with the garantee in another place (Australia, Spain...) Thanks a lot Cristina Casanovas

-- crisca (, November 09, 2004


Hi, there are few good places you can buy digicam.Like, SimLim, Mustafa( Little India), Suntec City with International gurantee.In singapore you can rely most about the product genuinity.Among the above SimLim is good if you are expert in bargain.Suntec is a also a good choice but price is little higher than Mustafa but you can get more variety.Mustafa on the other hand, reasonable price if you are lucky, you can get some promotional offer with lot of varieties.So, choice is yours. Have nice trip to singapore!!!!

-- Shamik (, November 11, 2004.

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