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I apologize ahead of time, if this has been answered. I have read these forums until I go blind, but can't seem to get a handle on my problem. I have many movies (rm format) I download and burn to VCD. I get around one hour per cdrom disk. What I would like to do, is store 4 movies onto a single DVD disk, but have them in the same quality/resolution as a VCD. In other words. I do not care about the added quality possible with a DVD. I have burned DVD videos and burned many VCD as well, so understand this process. What I cannot understand is how do I get a DVD movie that is in the lower resolution/file size of a VCD and have this be on a DVD rom that is watchable in a home DVD player. I have seen some meantion of the fact that I have to demux the VCD mpg1 file, but this seems like an added step, and I am going the long way around the barn to close the door. My current process is that I download a Movieflix move in RM format. I convert this to VCD format(mpg1) and then burn it onto CDrom. Once again I am happy with this level of detail/quality. If I do a conversion to DVD instead, than I get a huge 1.7 gig file which I do not want. (I can only get 2 hours on DVD this way) If I do a RM to VCD conversion, then I must do a 2nd conversion to demux the audio and video and.... uggg I am losing hair, and just keep confusing myself. Any advice would truly be appreciated. -Kerry

-- Kerry Barlow (, November 08, 2004


This is not too difficult. has some guides on it. The basic procedure is this - take VCD compliant files, demux, and convert audio from 44 MHz to 48 MHz. Feed the video and audio files to a program that will allow MPEG-1 video on DVD. Although DVD specs do allow for MPEG-1 video, most DVD authoring programs will reject it. This is a mistake on the part of the authoring programs. Your only option is to get a DVD authoring program that allows MPEG-1 video. Look at DVD Lab at TMPGenc's DVD authoring program might also allow MPEG-1 video. If you can find a cracked copy of Scenarist or you are rich enough to buy it, it should also allow it.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), November 09, 2004.

Thank you for the response. It seems a waste of time trying to do this now. From what I understand I will have to demux the mpg, convert to 48 khz, get a program to burn the mpg1 to DVD. This is going to take a horrific amount of time. I am encoding three times over the same piece of film using this method. I was looking for a solution that would do it in one step, but I guess there is no such thing. I cannot see encoding from RM to vcd format, and then reencoding into something that is compatible with DVD. At that rate, I will have 5 hours of encoding time into each RM quality movie. I will try setting the bit rate of DVD conversion from RM down to around 1500 and see if the file sizes get smaller. At least than, I have the video and audio in the correct format and demuxed already. Thank you once again. Most of these movieflix movies are in pretty bad shape, so I do not want to use alot of processing power and time converting a poor quality original. I am only doing it because I find a lot of old time movies that are never shown on my local Cable TV channels. -kerry

-- Kerry Barlow (, November 10, 2004.

Try using Nerovision express 3.It is able to convert straight from mpeg1 or avi onto a dvd and you can select the quality and hence the number of vcds/episodes/movies that go onto a dvd.At the normal vcd quality you can fit about 6 or 7 vcd onto a dvd disc.Takes about 4 hours on a decent PC.

-- William Goosen (, March 08, 2005.

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