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I had RTHR Nov. 2000. I live with pain every day. I cannot lift my R.leg without putting my hand under my thigh to help lift the leg. The pain is in my groin, goes to the outer hip,down my thigh to just above my knee. I limp and live in pain but my Orthopedic MD says all x-rays are perfect. He says I should walk! I cannot walk down the block a 100 feet with the pain so bad I could cry. I had a second LTHR in Oct 2003 and everything is fine, I can lift that leg with no problem. I even tried going to a gym to strengthen my R.leg muscles, this I do by taking a percoset but the excersize seems to make it worse. I am thinking that maybe it is nerve damage or one leg shorter than the other. I am a 69 year old woman who was always very active, now it is a big effort just to go buy food. I would appreciate any feedback you can offer!

-- Joyce Lanzillo (, November 07, 2004


Hi Joyce,

Did you have the groin pain etc. in your right leg before you had the total hip? What you are talking about is the exact same thing I'm experiencing and have been since Jan. 2000. Had THR (R) in Oct. 2000 but helped nothing. Excruciating pain. Please email me personally at my address if you'd like. I can possibly help you.

-- Sue S. (, November 07, 2004.

My wife had total hip replacement in May 2000. She had all sorts of problems as the bone would not take to the ball joint. It turnd out that she had gotten one of those Sulzer defective devices. They had not adequately washed off the socket and the chemicals left on would not let the bone adhere.

In March 2002 after much pain and disability she had another hip replacement on the same leg. This one turned out fine and she is walking well and with no pain. Sulzer had to settle a lawsuit for many people because of this.

-- Art (, November 09, 2004.

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