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I am just starting with DCC, I have three Bachman locomotives that are "DCC Ready"....does this mean that they are ` ready to run` or do they still require the insertion of a decoder? also how do I tell if a decoder is already fitted to a loco that I might purchase? Thanks in advance

-- Glyn Lloyd Bone (christyb463@ns.sympatico.ca), November 06, 2004


A DCC ready loco is ready to run on a DC setup. What DCC "ready" means is that it is pre-wired to plug a decoder in if you desire. Instead of having to solder in wires or make changes to lamps etc, all you do is plug the decoder into the socket. Most DCC ready engines have the 8 pin plug for the decoder.

As for being equipped already, the box will indicate that it is DCC "equipped" as opposed to "ready". If it is a second purchase, buying someone elses loco or it has been fitted by the seller with a decoder unused, they should be able to tell you such and which decoder is installed. When in doubt, you would have to remove the shell and look for it. If its a Bachmann steam, it is almost always located in the tender especially if it was DCC ready to begin with.

Another short method would be to place the engine on a DCC powered track. If it is DC powered it will humm or buzz usually. If it has a decoder equipped it will not.

-- Dan Ferrick (DTFerrick@msn.com), November 06, 2004.

A DCC ready locomotive is one that has the wiring from the wheel pickups, motor and the lights terminating at a socket, in the case of HO - 8 pin, N - 6 pin and O - 2 times 4 pin sockets. The loco will run on DC due to a jumper plug being inseted from the factory to connect applicable sockets to the motor and the lights. When the loco is to be operated on a DCC layout, it is as easy as removing the body shell, removing jumper plug and inserting the decoder plug, no soldering. This set up removes all the hassles of soldering all decoder wires to the relevent points and thus saves time and any one can do even with no DCC or soldering experience. If the loco runs but lights do not work, then reverse the orientation of the decoder plug. No damage will be done to either decoder or loco if plug and socket are wired as per NMRA standard. Apart from a loco comming with "DCC equipped" with decoder, this is the next best thing.

Any brand DCC decoder will enable motor and all functions to work correctly. Pin 1 is identified with a small triangle pointing to the pin. Specific decoders for certain locos will fit in perfectly and have correct current ratings for motor and lights.


-- Marcus Ammann (mammann@optusnet.com.au), November 13, 2004.

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