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Hello- Does anyone know if the people who lived in those big houses on nob hill in 1906 ( I know the Hopkins house was an art school by then) had time to empty their homes of posessions before they were burned or blown up?

I've been looking at pictures in the archives and was curious about that. Thanks

-- rupert dukas (, November 04, 2004


Very few had any knowledge of the total destruction of the fire.

Like the Titanic, 6 years later, the general consensus was, "It can't happen here".

Most had complete losses, although a few were able to use their automobiles or carriages to load up possesions and articles.

-- M (, November 04, 2004.


I thought that you might benefit from watching this clip. It's a great documentary, and will certainly help you & most everyone else, understand the effects and aftermath of the earthquake/fire.

-- M (, November 13, 2004.

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