We All Wake Up As Americans

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Former presidential candidate, Senator Kerry said in his consession speech, "After the vote we all wake up as Americans". Another person said (I don't recall who), "In politics there are no permanent enemies." I think those two thoughts can help resolve some of the disappointment felt in the "black community" at Senator Kerry's loss of the election. Since some of us have not been involved in the political process as long as the majority community, we tend to form eternal connections to a political party, ie. Democrat. In politics there are no permanent friends either. And we are all Americans. That is why I choose to see my self as an American first.

Perhaps it is time for black folk to heal some of the rifts in our community. We could start by recognizing that it is OK to be a member of the Republician party if that party more reflects your politics, without losing your "black card".

We must realize that the majority of Americans have the same goals, ideals, and aspirations. None of us are willing to burn the house down to get rid of the rats inside. We are one economy, one Nation under God. We cannot sail our ship alone.

It is apparent that Senator Kerry is now ready to accept President as HIS president, so it is time we as democrats, republicians, Ralph Naderites, etc., some of who are black, the majority of whom are Christians, come together as Americans and help this nation to live out its creed.

Be Blessed al paris

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2004


Greetings in His Name

Very well stated, and may I, as a foreigner add my bit.

I believe your constitution (original) needs to be re-read. America started out as a repbulic with its checks and balances. The intention in your constitution needs to come to fruition!!

God is no democrat ( for sermon see: http:www.angelfire.com/ok5/oakgroave/message.html). Those who wish to do the father's will submits to what God demands of us.

Remember the success America enjoys is not because of the goodness of a President Bush or whatever. America professes Jesus Christ, therefore victory comes to your great country for His sake, and not the fact that you are powerful.

I believe God is heavily busy getting the American people to turn back to the values as professed in your constitution. No doubt the vision has been shifted and the priorities mixed up.

I trust the next four years will be used to get the Amrican people back to the status of a nation (those ruled and guided by God's word)



-- Anonymous, November 04, 2004

Parson Paris -

You're right we are all Americans regardless who wins the US Presidency. I've been in attendance the last three nights at my church's Fall Revival. There was great anticipation on Monday and Tuesday night that God would "work a miracle" and usher in a change in our country. On last night I noticed that the crowd was largely subdued and noticeably disappointed about the electoral outcome. No praise offerings about an orderly election, no congrats to Bush, no prayer for political unification. Many black mainstream denominations largely remain in shock and denial that Kerry lost. I have no doubt as I mentioned earlier that if Kerry had won we would be witnessing celebratory outbursts throughout black America. In short, we are now drowning in the well of sour grapes and behaving like poor losers. As I suspected, we have no "Plan B". God is neither blue nor red, "donkey" nor "elephant". I suppose one important lesson that Bush understood and Kerry did not is that "morals matter". QED

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2004

Brother Clive said:

"America professes Jesus Christ, therefore victory comes to your great country for His sake, and not the fact that you are powerful."

America does not profess Jesus Christ. America professes that Americans are free to worship or not worship as they choose and the US Government will not interfere.

Some Americans are Christians. The Object of my post was primarily African Methodist in the US, all of whom would be Christian.

The debate about separation of Church and State is longrunning here. The American government is subject to God as Paul speaks of in Romans 13, but we do not and never have been a Christian Nation. In fact many of our founding fathers god-fearing but did respect those who came to this country because of religious persecution.

Perhaps I should not have gotten off on this tangent because my focus was to get black Americans to realize that they are full citizens of this great nation and to embrace that fact.

Be Blessed

pastor paris

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2004

Greetings from the “Blue” corner of the USA, I put blue in quotes because I feel that we have learned very little from the last two elections. We still label folks. The labels will continue to divide us. Many voters in the red-labeled states voted Democrat and the margin was less than 3-4%. The Midwest was more solid with >20% margins. But as long as the media uses these labels they are being inaccurate in depiction of people. They are also contributing to the “us vs. them” mentality. As a result, as we are all Americans, some are considered more American than others and we are seriously divided. Having said all this, I know that the Word tells us “Rejoice Always” (I Thes 5:16”) and “giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus” ( Eph 5:20)

I AM giving thanks for the 2004 Election. Yes, there is some disappointment but I still give thanks that we do not have tanks in our streets, no coup, and nobody killed trying to vote. For the most part, things went relatively smoothly with the largest numbers in history. Many folks experienced voting for the first time and I pray that they do not get discouraged if the results were not what they had hoped for.

We are all Americans. To many I may not be a very good American because I am in a “Blue” state, not just a “Blue” state but I am born and raised in Massachusetts. That’s the picture that the media has created and many people have bought into. As long as the mentality persist we will be divided

Bro. Bob

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2004

Bob -

I agree with you about the misuse of labels to categorize people. The same however could be said about the disparaging remarks made by many liberal critics who belittle the so-called "religious-right wing fanatics". In one of his pastoral eppistles Paul emphasized that there is but One Lord, One Faith & One Baptism. Am I a religious right wing fanatic if I have a literal interpretation of this passage? I would like to see a greater acceptance of people of faith by all. QED

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2004


You have nothing to be concerned about, Blue/Red state, etc. You have the courage of your convictions. You voted that courage just as I did. The Red did not win. The Blue did not lose. We (this Nation) made adecision. We vote to make a decision. And when that decision is made, ALL OF US implement the dicision.

Every time we in the Church have to vote to make a decision, I always try to make the church understand that there were no winners/losers. We mad a decision. Now all of us must work to make that decision suceed.

Now, some of the politicians do not see it that way and continue to fight. The Minority Leader of the House for example. The folk from California should make her responsible for the continued divisisness when she is up for re-election.

Be Blessed

al paris

-- Anonymous, November 06, 2004

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