Who was Dudley Stone

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I went to Dudley Stone Elementary School in the early 1960's. Who was Dudley Stone?

-- Kathleen Sutton (boomer1a@peoplepc.com), November 03, 2004


What a good quetion. Wish I had the answer. The only fact that I can offer is that the school was named in 1890 and was the local school for the Haight area.

Somehow Dudley stone was a local hero in the 1890s. He could have been an educational hero, a commercial hero etc. etc.

Hope you get an answer. Let me know if you do so I don't miss it.

Good Luck in your research.

-- Kurt Iversen (iversenk@aol.com), November 05, 2004.

I vacationed in Boston for awhile and several times the name Dudley Stone came up. Paul Dudley Stone was a former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court but he may have been better known for his stones because he marked off numerous huge milestones to let people coming into to Boston know how far away they were. Each one of those stones with his initials carved out on them are known as a Dudley Stone.

Why a school would be named after him could be that maybe someone here was related to him or someone here was from Boston and thought that the building of the school was some sort of milestone. Or perhaps simply because the school is exactly one mile away from City Hall, a perfect milestone.

Other than that, there was a Dudley stone who died in San Francisco in 1895 but I don't think he was that prominent to have a school named after him.

-- Harry Murphy (harrymurphy*@bigmailbox.net), November 21, 2004.

An obituary for my great grandfather dated 9/19/1911 states "Mr Young is survived by his widow Carrie Osier Young, the daughter of the well known educator, the late Dudley Stone, of this city [San Francisco]...

-- chris chouteau (chrischouteau@earthlink.net), December 03, 2004.

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