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im lokking for a ass to ram every night must be a boy

-- charlie (, November 02, 2004


come to my house we get it on good in my bed ok

-- nasar khan (, November 02, 2004.

Hey what town/state do you guys live in. Looking to try som gay stuff with some body

-- john silk (, November 12, 2004.

Hazelburg my buddy. I work at the gas station on the main street as you come in. Every day, I'll be waiting. my name is Eric.

-- Eric of Hazelburg (, November 17, 2004.

i like your style where do you live i live at numer2 derwent road i hope you live close see you later big cock

-- the bender (, November 17, 2004.

i will come round later and maybe i could give you a blow job and you could spunk in my mouth and come all over me

-- the bender (, November 17, 2004.

it is me again im going to shag you hard and you will be killed after so watch out

-- the trashman (, November 24, 2004.

fuck you you gay prick

-- awhfiuo (, December 01, 2004.

you can suck my cock

-- the bender (, December 02, 2004.

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