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hello everyone, i just recently finished converting my older Shinora #6 double cross over to DCC. i cut all four frogs as indicated, used styrene to fill the gaps. i havent yet dropped feeder wires til i know this thing is gonna work or not. when i went to try it out, i attached one side of the cross over to an end spur i have in a yard. when i try to run a locomotive on it, it works fine going straight through. soon as i move the point rails to cross towards the diamond i get a short and it shuts my system down. now, if i remove the cross over, turn it around and attach it to the opposite side it will not short the system. im only attaching one leg of it at a time. im really confused because i cant seem to see where or whats causeing it to short on one leg only. anyone have any ideas? thanks!

-- steve manchester (, November 01, 2004



The Shinohara double crossover consists of 4 electrically independent turnouts. You appear to have at least one of them right. On the other one, you have made some sort of mistake. Make sure you gapped the circuit board that acts as a throwbar. Also, make sure the frog gaps are deep enough that you have definitely have cut the rail clean through. Use an ohm meter and "ohm out" your turnout. Make sure it matches the drawing on my website. Sorry we can't offer you more. This is one of those problems that is hard to solve over the Internet.

-- Allan Gartner (, November 05, 2004.

im sorry, have i offended someone with this question? i figured after this many days someone would have had an idea. thanks anyway!

-- steve (, November 04, 2004.

We're not offended. Sometimes we just don't know the answer. For your problem it is hard to figure out an answer without having the piece in our hands.

I have just such a crossover and it works fine.


-- Dale Gloer (, November 05, 2004.

thanks guys, ill re check myne.

-- steve (, November 05, 2004.

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