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I just finished installing my first DS51K1 and managed to get it to work. However, the address of the switch machine wound up being 021 and the "t" and "c" codes backwards. Try as I may, I can't figure out how to re-program the switch from 012 to 001 and set the "t" and "c" correctly. The Digitrax manual doesn't seem to have the answer. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dick

-- Dick Mester (ram1@psu.edu), October 29, 2004



I don't have any experience with the DS51K1, so I can only offer you advice based on my using the DS54.

The Digitrax website has the brief manual for the DS51K1. It tells you how to set the address. Here's how it works. You hook up the programming wire as they indicate. The programming wire tells the decoder to pick up the next turnout command it sees. So you send a turnout command with your throttle and the decoder captures the address. Then disconnect the programming wire.

I assume the DS51K1 is like the DS54 in that you cannot change "t" or "c" nor program them. The manual doesn't say that and you were probably think you could program t&c along with the address.

I don't know how the DS51K1 connects to your turnout. If it is possible to reverse the wires to the turnout, do that. Note, that reversing the wires to your track bus will not do it.

I hope this helps.

-- Allan Gartner (wire4dcc_admin@comcast.net), October 30, 2004.

Thank you, Allen!

I've managed to program the decoder with the address I wanted following your instructions; i.e., 001 [since it's my first switch]. You were correct, I did think that if I addressed the switch as 001=c [on the main, that's what would occur. However, only the address took hold, and the "t" & "c" continued to function backwards. So, I did switch the wires to the to track, only to find out you were right again!. The wires from the decoder are connected to the wires from the Kato connector which has a small plastic insert which goes into the side of the switch. I didn't want to mess with that; so, and why I don't know, I dislodged the clip from the machine, notice that the LED read 001=c. used the hand lever to place the points "on the main."re-inserted the clip into the switch machine, hit the "t" and voila! It worked. I only hope I remember that when it comes to switch 002. Allen, thanks again for making me think! Regards, Dick

-- Dick Mester (ram1@psu.edu), October 30, 2004.

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