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Hi, I recently got an older ride on mower that was broken. I fixed it up a bit, had a bad solenoid. I was planning on making it into a racing mower, and possibly racing it in the future. But while I was browsing this site, I keep seeing people talking about removing the governer, I am farmiliar with what it does, but will it help for speed and acceleration? Or will it just put my engine at risk? Do I even have a governer on this mower? Its a 16hp Briggs and Stratton mower, I'd say its about 10yrs old by the looks of it.



-- Erik S (, October 24, 2004


Hey man ... easy axtra speed.. but you can easily blow the head gasket, overheat or a number of many other things... if u want, adjust it dont remove it. it should by located on top of the carb next to the fuel inlet line, and its spring loaded, so remove part of the spring for some extra speed.

-- Aaron watson (, November 17, 2004.

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