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I have 2 Digitrax DZ123 decoders, both tested ok on tester, but when installed in loco with LED's and 750ohm resistor in series it was not possible to turn the lights off. I have reset CV08 to 08, still no change to fault. Have returned to Digitrax. Is this a common problem?

-- Chris Howell (, October 22, 2004


No one has mentioned this problem on this forum before. I suggest you get on the Digitrax Yahoo group and ask there.

-- Allan Gartner (, October 22, 2004.

I had a DZ143 that behaved like this. Unfortunately, I decided to partly unhook it (never do this!) to test the lights while the decoder was installed. Somehow, one wire touched something, and puff! I believe that this is a problem in the individual decoders, not the programming of the decoder itself.


-- Ulrich Albrecht (, December 06, 2004.

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