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Need a controller to operate a single engine with soundtraxx decoder and a caboose with a motor and two functions. Train is to be used by general public in a display for a musem. Most commerical units require special knowledge to operate and have many un-neeeded features. The engine (2-8-0) is only to move forward at any speed from slow to medium speeds. Has operating headlights, tender marker lights, whistle and bell. The caboose has Rear Marker lights, it also has a brakeman standing on the rear platform with a lighted lantern and can move arm in 80 degree sweep. The arm movement is by a small surplus motor with gear train similar to windshield wiper drive. Speed is controlled by nce decoder and is triggered by an aux function as are the lights.

Problem is that the need for constant speed is required for caboose motor drive so decoders can't be consisted with loco. The atlas or digitrax zepher don't have the proper user interface.

Need controler that has only the necessary buttons to activate the functions on the two decoders. Also want to park train after two laps if no changes have been made (indicates user lost interest and moved on to other displays). User interface can be by basic 2 stamp but I can't figure out how to send data stream to track. Need assistance in designing link between stamp and track. Would like to hear from anyone who has done similair project.

-- Dave Moore (sectel, October 21, 2004


Sounds like you have workid out the operating details between the human observer and the Stamp. Have the stamp computer manipulate the NCE DCC command station via an RS232 serial link. See the NCE operations manual for the exact protocol.

-- Don Vollrath (, October 25, 2004.

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