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How can i make the 49cc engine on my pocket rocket faster

-- Steve Sampson (stvey@yahoo.com), October 20, 2004


Relace the pipe w/ a K&N straight pipe. Upgrade air filter. Better spark plug, and take the governor off it ;-) mine goes about 50mph after that

-- Danny (dan@sipesland.com), October 25, 2004.

umm actully i was wndering were you purchased urs from i am intrested in getting one if u could send me some details that would be great

allso if u want it to go fast sand back the head so the piston go's up more if u no what i mean if not just email me

-- james ford (redman220@hotmail.com), November 03, 2004.

wats the fastest pocket rocket i can get for $500 dollers or under.. can u give me a link to the site too. And someone said they could get theres to go 50 when they take the governor off but is that jus tthe dyno speed with no weight on it or can it actually go 50MPH with a 160+ lb. person on it?

-- Ty (Baseballty3@aol.com), November 09, 2004.

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