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im trying to make a homemade go-kart and my current engine is too im wonder if anyone knows how to make it go as fast as possible that would be great.i already have it stripeed down to the fly wheel so any instruction from there would be great.i really want it to go fast as possible and not have to spend over $100.thanks and give any advice or instruction to go on from where i am alreday and that would be great.if you submit any thing to this question thanks a bunch! ps. it is a 3.5hp briggs push mower engine that is about 5 years old.

-- (, October 19, 2004


put it in a blender for a couple of minutes

-- poo (, October 23, 2004.

go to

become a member and ask them im a member and i ask the dudes for help and they sure give me it!

-- bob (, October 31, 2004.

pour some SOUP in it god man learn to f*****g spell before u ask questions did u even go to school man sum1 will answer u in a nice way but i just had to point it out lol. dont take it personaly but theres no point in trying tomake a go-kart to u and any1 who's out der its tohard and when i made 1 it got take bye police lol. so u see my point

-- my name neeeeds to remain enominas (, December 20, 2004.

you go to a junk yard and git a carb off of a 5- 8 hp moter of the same brand and serier and put that on the 3.5hp. Dont reinstal the governer and governer likage. If you have the litle screw twards teh back side insetall a cable there going twards the buterfly controling the carb directly. i have done the same on my 3.5 hp but you might not have a 3.5 it is more than likley a 3 hp brigs if it is the horazontal shaft versin. i have had my cart clocked at 45 mph with jist the stock conponents runing it off the carb and bypasing the govenor lynkage. i dont dare not have a lode on it to try to find the rpms.

-- brian pohlman (, December 29, 2004.

Give it a shot of arse gas, knuckle fucker.

-- Big Dave (, January 06, 2005.

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