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Hi all. I use Nero Burner, and when i load more than 1 movie into my "project" - Nero crashes???

Can there only be one movie (track) on a VCD disk?...

-- Dennis Hansen (, October 19, 2004


No, there can be more than one "track" on a VCD. Are you using VCD- compliant files or are you trying to load .AVI files into Nero?

-- Bryan (, October 19, 2004.

I am using VCD files (mpg), and it works fine when i am only burning 1 file. Maby i should try another software???

-- Dennis Hansen (, October 20, 2004.

I'm going to guess you have a trial or corrupt version of Nero, or you have memory issues with your computer. When you say crash, I assume this means the computer locks up?

-- Bryan (, October 20, 2004.

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