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i have a old 11hp riding lawn mowor and i was woundering if anybody know how i can make it go alot faster please answer thanks

-- ryann (, October 18, 2004


Take the mower apart, there should be a pulley on the engine and a pulley on the transmission or transaxel (transaxels are axels with the transmission built directly onto them) make the pulley on hhte transmission or transaxel, smaller, and the pulley on the engine bigger than the one on the transmission(axel) the speed should be about 25-30 mph with pretty good acceleration.

-- The amazing blopmeister (, October 19, 2004.

I am so amazed at number of illiterate cretins out there. As for your initial request; Start the thing up, engage the blades, reve it up, turn the mower on its side and stuff you head into the blades. It wont give you any more horse power but it will increase you IQ.

-- Miserable Old Cunt (, January 06, 2005.

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