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My beloved sisters and brothers in Christ, I greet you with love, hope and charity and in the name of our risen lord and savior Jesus Christ!

It is time to talk about the "real powers that be" God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

It is time to dwell in the perfect knowledge that all of us who proclaim Christ as our savior have been set free forever.

Every day our world becomes more secular, yet we are spiritual beings who are to give our hope and trust to the spiritual world.

When was the last time you thanked God for the blessings in your life. When was the last time you called out his name to help you in times of trouble?

I admit my thoughts have been turned to secular things, presidential campaign, debates etc. There have been times I turned away from God to rely on my own devices. I have felled miserably!

I am incomplete without my savior, I am nothing but a lump of clay if I do not allow myself to be formed by my loving, creator father.

My friends on the board it is crucial that we discuss the power of God and his son on this board. It is a mandate from scripture to fullfill the great commission by telling everyone about the glory of God.

Many of us on this board need encouragement and love. Many need support and ideas to do creative ministries. Let us respond to these needs with the love of Christ. And encouragement one another.

Let us not be so complacent that we forget to thank God and to thank the memory of Rev. Fisher for starting this board. Let us remember that Rev. Fisher used his own money to pay for web hosting, this site is still going long after Rev. Fisher's death.

The children of darkness delight when we argue, they delight when we forget to praise God, for it drives us further from God.

We are the sons and daughter's of Richard Allen and we will not stop serving and praising God!

It is time that we vote on the most important issues in our lives. Who are we going to follow? Who are we going to imitate? How many souls will we win for Christ.

VOTE FOR JESUS! Say YES! to him, leave everything and follow him.

My prayers are that we will use this board for evangelism, that we will discuss christ with as much fervor as we discuss politics. For it seems that the only posts that get responses are political ones.

Let us go to scripture, re-read the book of acts and be inspired to spread the good news. Let us get on our knees and ask God's forgiveness for putting things, issues, politics etc before the one triune God.

Let us love and forgive one another. I pray that we will have the spirit of humbleness and the boldness of St.Paul.

Vote for Christ, vote for God, vote for the Holy Spirit, for they, and they only give you life, protect you and love you.

Somebody give a praise report for all the goodeness God has given you, Amen!

-- Anonymous, October 18, 2004

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