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hello everyone, im in the middle of laying out my yard. i am useing all Peco Insulfrog turnouts and i have used option one that recomended attaching a small wire from each stock rail to each closure rail. this eliminated the power routing effect i was haveing. my question is do i need to gap or insulate the yard leads and spur tracks? i klnow some people do this and they say its easier to trace down shorts. i am useing a NCE PHP with a 5 amp booster. so basically what im wondering is should i insulate all yard leads and sideings and then attach feeder wires to them? thanks!

-- steve manchester (, October 17, 2004


Steve this very issue is discussed at some length on, most people seem to be of the opinion that insulfrog points need no extra attention. I could not personally say as I am only just starting my own dcc layout. The answers given though are often by people who run pro layouts, its worth a look. good luck Steve.

-- Steve Golden (, October 31, 2004.

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