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Three months ago I broke my tib/fib I had a rod and three screw put in and I am told that I need to have the screws removed can anyone tell me the benefits of this and if I HAVE to have them removed?

Thanks Odette

-- odette (odette_wright@hotmail.com), October 16, 2004


check the other thread under Miscellanous, Tib/fib compound fracture on this site. Also check out www.mybrokenleg.com for lots of info.

I have a rod in my tib/fib break. I will get it taken out because I want to go skiing again and I'm afraid that if I have another bad accident I may bend the rod. Apparently this is a very bad thing (maybe have to lose the leg?) but then again it would be very hard to do. Still - I just don't want the damn thing in there. Since you are only about 3 months out my guess is that your orthopedic surgeon wants to drop the rod down to compress the bones closer to aid the healing process. I have read about this happening when bone growth is not as quick as expected. I also read it was very successful. The other thing I have read is that removing the 'hardware' is extremely simple, nothing like the trauma of when it was put in. Very quick recovery time, about 2 weeks. Anyway - didn't your doctor tell you why you should have them out?

-- Donna Goudie (donna@datanetworks.com.au), October 20, 2004.

I just had my rod put in on 3/1. My surgeon said that it is not a permanent rod. Then I asked him if I have to remove it. He said, no, but a lot of people have it taken out because it may irritate the knee when walking. He said it is a simple 1-2-3 procedure. I am not sure yet if I will have mine taken out. I will definatly if it requires no 'down-time'. But if it is necessary, then I will of course. Can I ask how many weeks you used your crutches? also, how long were you unable to return to work??

Hope my answer helped you a little. I do suggest asking your surgeon more specific questions and demanding that he answers you completely and fully. I know they can not be clear sometimes!! It can't hurt!!

-- Vanessa (VanessaHagicostas@yahoo.com), March 14, 2005.

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