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I possess a Children's Hospital bill which my mother kept hidden for 50 years until her deathbed confession that something significant occurred in her life during 1949. This document was kept in a shoe box hidden in her closet. I believe she had a baby out of wedlock on November 28, 1949 and the baby was adopted. The bill is stamped PAID and signed in ink "BB Cry". DOES ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL DURING 1949, WHETHER SOMEONE NAMED B.B. CRY WORKED THERE OR, AS I SPECULATE, THIS WAS A CODE WORD INDICATING A LIVE BIRTH ADOPTION HANDLED BY THE HOSPITAL.

-- Grant (, October 15, 2004


Interestingly enough, I am also looking for info on an adopted friend's birth at Children's Hospital. However, his birth was in 1964.

Could "BB Cry" mean "baby boy Cry (the father's last name)?"

-- (, February 08, 2005.

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