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Just wanted to thank David and Moira on here - long story short, was losing my house within one week and Moira gave me the name of a Glasgow Solicitor - he was absolutely fantastic!! In the end the judge threw Lloyds TSB's case out of court and I got to keep my house! So no matter how dismal you think it is there's always someone who will fight your corner! Thanks to everyone who helped!

-- Eileen Lauter (, October 15, 2004


Congratulations Eileen

I am so pleased for you! Many thanks for your kind words and you are dead right, quite often there is a way foward, it's just finding it. so like me you join a list of people who have taken on the big boys and won! Enjoy!!!

My very very good wishes for the future and if you can, keep in touch with the site as you never know when you might be able to help someone out yourself!

I'm going on a "hen" night tonight so I'll toast you with one of the many Gin & Tonics I intend to have!!



-- Moira (, October 16, 2004.

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