Why did this man die?

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What was the cause of Edger Allen Poe's death? Are there really studies that say that this man had a venereal disease? Can you please send me information on these studies if found?

-- Anonymous, October 13, 2004


they say he died from a classic case of rabies. by getting bitten on the hand by an infected animal. and therefor died 4 days later.

-- Anonymous, October 14, 2004

I have heard from many of my resources that Poe had a type of disease causing his brain to burst(not his head but his brain).

-- Anonymous, October 15, 2004

i don't believe that he was bitten by some animal. What I do believe is that he had a disease. Thusly causing his brain to self-destruct, being his brain was consumed of both stress and thinking too much. Please don't believe any of this random assumptions of him having being bitten by a dog. My resources suggest to me that he suffered from a internal brain disease. And was soley impossible for him to recover from it, being there was no cure.

-- Anonymous, October 17, 2004

He died because he was a cock sucking fuck head.

-- Anonymous, October 17, 2004


-- Anonymous, October 17, 2004

Drugs it was all drugs and alchohol.

-- Anonymous, October 18, 2004

Nobody knows exactly how he dies, there are many interesting theories on his death. He died suddenly on October 7, He said a simple prayer, "Lord, help my poor soul," and died. There were no autopsies performed and his body was buried, rather quickly. Over the past 150 years, scientist still haven't figured it out. Some theories include: Beating Epilepsy Dipsomania Toxic Disorder Hypoglycemia Diabetes Alcohol Dehydrogenase Porphryia Delerium Tremens Rabies Heart Murder Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

-- Anonymous, October 19, 2004

Poe disappeared for four days before he was found dying in a gutter. What he did during that time is unknown. All that is known is that he was taken to a hospital and died shortly after from unknown causes. Whatever he did during that mysterious disappearance might have well been a factor but he didn't exactly life conventionally.

-- Anonymous, October 19, 2004

aubducted by aliens

-- Anonymous, October 20, 2004

He was starved then ate to much so his stomach exploded.

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2004

He was so high when he got into a car and drove into a sky scraper that fell on him. so he died and went to hell

-- Anonymous, November 08, 2004

his predestined term on this earth was over, so he died

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-- Anonymous, November 08, 2004

I think he died cause he die .Yep uh huh that's about right.Any one who reads this can lick me crack.

-- Anonymous, November 09, 2004

his life term was over

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-- Anonymous, November 11, 2004

He tried to kill himslef the year before, his wife (who he pretty much brought up), had an awful life and died after TB two years before, and he was a depressive, alcoholic druggie. Now, lets see what else do you need for death to occur. Perhaps we are hoping that something more obvious had transpired, like he had an axe in his head or had his dick blown off and died of blood loss. I mean, calling all dipshits, mars to earth, intergalactic dumbshits of the century, what is 1 and 1...

-- Anonymous, November 29, 2004

Ok, i must say this, all of these assholes who come into this forum need to get a brain and then a life, we are not all intrigued by you or your genious way of combining curse words

Poe's death is unknown the two main and agreeablbe thoughts are that most likely did drugs and died, or came down with a desease and he did drugs to try and ease the pain and only managed to make it worse. Just like if you take extasy your brain can explode from over heating, a lot of drugs can do that to your body, but if your sick and your body is already over heating anything you take that will add to that your heart or brain will explode there for you will die. For him to be able to pray it might have also been a heart attack, simpley because you can feel it happening and have some time to react before it hits, if his brain exploded he wouldnt be able to know to have prayed. I may not be right, and i do see some of the other posted answers as being likely other than the rabie idea.

-- Anonymous, November 29, 2004

Missery did him in.His poems are clues to his death,you just have to look closely.(Sorry for any misspelled words,Spanish is my native language).

-- Anonymous, November 30, 2004

I'm replying to the first person who answered this question. It doesnt hold up how you say it. You say he was bitten and died four days later. he was found in the gutter on october 3rd and died on october 7th, thats 5 days. so it doesnt really hold up, although the rabies theory never really has.

-- Anonymous, December 06, 2004

i ont know!

-- Anonymous, December 10, 2004

Poe died because he got a desease from his mom knows a hotubfaliculitis. he got a large rash all over his body and it went to his brain and caused it to exploid,such as a watermellon being droped form the top of the empire state building.

-- Anonymous, February 21, 2005

"Father, I firmly do believe

I know , for death who comes for me

From regions of the blest afar,

Where there is nothing to deceive,

Hath left his iron gates ajar;

And rays of truth you cannot see

Are flashing thro' eternity.

(A Defense of Poe 74)

According to Dr. John J. Moran, superintendent of Washington College Hospital of Baltimore, this eloquent poem was to be Edgar Allan Poe's final composition for he died immediately after speaking it. On October 7, 1849, one of America's most gifted and mysterious writers died from "excessive nervous prostration affecting the brain and resulting from exposure, encephalitis or inflammation of the brain . . . [a condition] a physician of today might prefer calling it lobar pneumonia, complicated by transient retardation or depression" (A Tale of Ratiocination 365). Although some speculated his death was caused by excessive alcohol consumption, Poe suffered from a weak constitution and intolerance to alcohol. Poe's first biographer, Rufus W. Griswold besmirched Poe's memory by charging Poe of unseemly behavior, inexcusable alcoholism, and virtually irrelevant importance."

that good enough? it's called research...look into it.

-- Anonymous, March 08, 2005

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