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I was wanting to build a go kart with a swing arm rear suspension. My question was Has any body tried this and was it worth the effort

-- Cole Logan (, October 13, 2004


it all depends what you are going to do. If you are going off rode alot and jumping it is worht it. if you are jist using it on street it ant. If your engen and seat are about 6-9 inches apart, you have a steel seat or bracings to weld a shock to and you can weld you cut the frame behind the seat and have a pece of pipe cut into 3 sections with a road thrugh it as a hinge the midle pece welded to the front and the other 2 on the back pece then make a shock mount that is centerd in the frame or 2 on the outsides. this is the esiest way if you are retrofiting a old frame. (note you may have to modify the brake and gas controls so the lines whether you have rods for conrtols or fluid controls so the work.)

-- brian pohlman (, December 29, 2004.

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