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To all,

I was looking at the instructions on building your onw short detector beeper. I have a few questions. I'm gathering my parts list to take to Radio Shack. I'm ok w/ the buzzer and 9volt battery/clip. What do you suggest in wiring? What guage? Also, any recommendations on alligator clips? Two more .. has anyone built this? If so, do you have a pic available for me to look at as a reference?

Thanks in advance, Felice

-- Felice Vittoria (, October 12, 2004



This is a very low-tech device. Anything will work. Use whatever stranded wire you have handy. You can also use any alligator clips you want from Radio Shack. They will all work.

I do have a photo of the one I built. I used a different buzzer and a metal box because I had these items on hand. Use a plastic box instead of a metal box since you may want to sit your buzzer on your track. The metal box would short out the track.

There is nothing magic about building this buzzer. Any buzzer Radio Shack sells that will work on 9V will do just fine.

Do not use the buzzer with your booster attached. The buzzer is very sensitive and will detect the booster. You will think you have a short when you really don't.

-- Allan Gartner (, October 13, 2004.

built mine today, get the radio shack stock numbers, go to radio shack open the drawers and in 2 minutes you will be good to go, took it home . spliced the buzzer to the battery with a verizon amp gun (Retired) put on clips and good to go .

-- gene gleason (, January 04, 2005.

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