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First, a little background. I'm 30 and have really bad post-traumatic medial compartment arthritis in my R knee. I've had a hamstring ACL reconstruction, MCL/medial capsule plication, subtotal medial menisectomy, partial lateral menisectomy and multiple medial compartment chondroplastys (that's debridement of articular cartilage) with microfracture. I've tried Synvisc and an unloader brace.

The unloader has stretched out my MCL repair to the point the joint is unstable. I have really bad pain with any weight-bearing activities and even at rest. My OS and I are trying to see if it is possible to do a unicompartmental reconstruction given the medial instability. He is afraid that it won't be possible and that I'll need a TKR. My activity level isn't high, but I do have a job where I stand all day.

Has anybody ever heard of anything like this? Danielle

-- Danielle Dietz (, October 11, 2004

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