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How about a small, front engine/rear drive go kart using a small aluminum automotive std. trans mounted slightly offset from the crank. Using a double pulley setup with a cam action idler for the clutch. Use the smallest automotive rear end possible,(Triumph TR7) or maybe even a golf cart rear end. Shortening the automotive rear end would be necessary. If you wanted to, it would be easy to use small leaf springs or a swingarm with coilover shocks in the rear. Or just mount it solid. Could probably replace the heavy gear oils with auto. trans fluid to free up some power since the thing would not be under much load. Would need at least a 16HP to pull it depending on gearing. The multiple gears with reverse would be great. Could use the existing brakes on the axle. No more than a 6' wheelbase and no more than 4' wide. Must be air cooled. A top speed of 35-40 mph. Briggs V-Twin vanguard engines are probably the lighest and come up to 31HP! And rember, KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid! Don

-- Don Moore (, October 10, 2004


i hae one of these built! itll smoke the tires, and do about 50! i have a 16 hp Vanguard vtwin, built like crazy, a stock john deer 5 speed, and a 1 inch live axle, all built onto my lawnmower chassi.... Go look at a rider youll be amazed....its faster then any go kart youll ever ride. Sounds better too!

-- Sean Tangeman (, October 11, 2004.

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