oldest building in San Francisco?

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I would like to know what the oldest building in San Francisco is.

-- Lyle Davis (ldavis@foothill.net), October 05, 2004


The chapel at Mission Dolores was begun in 1782, and dedicated 03 April 1791. I'd be very curious if there was any older structure still standing.

-- strange (stranger@yahoo.com), October 05, 2004.

I used to hear that the officers club at the Presidio was even older than Mission Delores. I presume the former still stands though I haven't been there since 1965. Regards, Mike

-- Mike Thro (jthro@aol.com), October 15, 2004.

The extensively remodeled officer's club was part of the original adobe fort erected by the Spanish. Adobe walls dating back to the early 1790's are incorporated into the front wings of what evolved into the Officers' Club of the early 1900s. The the chapel construction was started first, but thank you for remembering the Presidio.

-- strange (stranger@yahoo.com), October 16, 2004.

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