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Dear, Assala mu alaikum. I am Bangladeshi.I am a doctor serving in army medical core.In our country, there is a tradition of PROVIDANT FUND for all government employee.Here all employees compulsarily deposit certain amount of money from their salary in each month.These money is aggregated at the end of services with usual interest and it is returned to that individual.There is an option where one can deposit more amount of money in addition to his mandatory monthly pay. SO MY QUESTION IS: 1) SHOULD A GOVT EMPLOYEE PAY ZAKAT FOR THIS PROVIDANT FUND WHICH HE IS DEPOSITING EVERY MONTH FROM HIS SALARY? 2) IS THIS MONEY OF INTEREST IS SUPPORTED BY ISLAMIC SHARIA? I WILL BE GRATEFUL IF YOU RESPOND TO MY QUESTION IMMEDIATELY? WITH THANKS DR ABDUL MALEK

-- MOHAMMAD ABDUL MALEK (, October 05, 2004

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