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I took my Brutale S to Motofixx in Norwalk, CT for its 600 mile service.

Although the bike did not seem to overheat during break-in (stayed below 220 F, and averaged perhaps 180F), I noticed that bluish stains on the catalyzer and around the engine below the left footpeg. It seems that it spewed coolant at some point(s). Having checked this message board, I found that others have had similar experiences --- and that it is recommended to allow the radiator fan to run for a few minutes after stopping.

Anyhow, the mechanic at Motofixx has informed me that the "water pump" needs to be replaced and is responsible for the coolant discharge.

Are water pump problems common on the Brutale?

-- doug greenig (, October 02, 2004


Sorry that I can't say for certian, but this is the same power plant as the 750 F4, or at least for the most part. Water pumps have been known to go bad often. Even some of the Aprillas have this same problem. The water pump on the MVs has a ceramic bearing and most coolants have silicone in them. This eats ceramic bearings! The Aggip coolant and the Honda Pro Cool for the race bikes does not and is safe for this type water pump. Make certain that after the pump has been replaced to use one of these types of coolants. I would also suggest flushing the whole cooling system and replacing the fluid accordingly. This should alleviate the problem in the future. Best wishes...

-- Cali-Kane (, October 04, 2004.

yes, the water pump on my brutale was finally replaced and no more drips and splashes. it started leaking right after my 600 mile service. it has since been replaced under warranty and is running fine now. ray san jose, ca, usa

-- ray woo (, October 04, 2004.

Thank you for the feedback. I am impressed by the helpfulness of the MV Agusta community as we share the frequent joys and occasional miseries of ownership.

-- doug greenig (, October 05, 2004.

Just got the bike back. With the new pump, it is running cooler by, on average, about 10 deg F. Despite being caught in a traffic jam on the way back, I didn't see 220 F. Max was about 215 degrees, and no coolant spewed. It seems like Motofixx in Norwalk did a nice job with the service.

-- doug greenig (, October 09, 2004.

i had the same issue and sent mine in for the 600 mile service at 410 miles. they only replaced the seal and said this should do the trick. while in i am diong the header and power commander mods. i'll let you know those results. cheers, frankie

-- frank e olivieri (, November 10, 2004.

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