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hello everyone, i have been trying to find some poems of Poe that aren't that recognized to people as say for example "The Raven" I have to analyze 3 of his Poems, but i wanna do it with poems that aren't mentioned as much...I have been looking everywhere but i only find his most famous works maybe im not looking right :S any help would be deeply appreciated. Thank you!

-- Anonymous, October 02, 2004


You might try the following:

(1829) "Sonnet - To Science" Poe seems to think that scientific thinking deprives a person of the pleasure of escape through fantasy & dream. Twenty years later, he synthesized poetry & science in his amazing "Eureka."

(1827) "The Lake" Poe expresses his strange delight in the thought of self-destruction.

(1827) "Song: To __" Why does the sight of a woman's blush have such a powerful effect on the observer? Can the cause of her embarrassment be understood from the poem?

These are very short poems, being less than a page each. Let me know if you have any questions or problems.

-- Anonymous, October 02, 2004

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Dear omg, My guess is that you are a chronological or mental pre-adolescent. Have you ever read a story by Poe?

-- Anonymous, October 06, 2004

Try for all Poe's known works and variants.

-- Anonymous, October 07, 2004

Poe builds many of his poems around themes such as the water, light, time---including his shorter and lesser-known works. It's interesting to see how Poe can take one theme, such a light---and portray it in such different ways, depending on the poem. (Since I'm grouping poems by theme, I'm listing some more than once or repeating titles listed in previous posts.)

LIGHT: "The City in the Sea" "Alone" (@1829)

MOONLIGHT vs. STARLIGHT: "Evening Star" (1827) "The Bells" (1849) "Ulalume" (1847. This poem also involves the moon vs. a star. But it's long and harder to analyze.)

How does Poe portray light in each of these poems? Warm or cold? Comforting or creepy?

WATER: "The Lake" (1827) "To the River ___[Po]" (1829) "Annabel Lee" (1849) "The City in the Sea"

WEDDINGS, The Future: Bridal Ballad (1837) "Song: To __" ("I saw thee on thy bridal day") (1827--mentioned in 1st post.) "The Bells"

Is the mood hopeful, fearful? Does it sound as if the marriage is going to be happy?

TIME & DECAY: "The Conqueror Worm" (1843) TIME, DECAY and BUILDINGS: "The Coliseum" (1833) "The City in the Sea" (1831) "The Haunted Palace" (1839)

Has the decay already taken place, or is Poe making the reader watch it in progress? Is the mood inspiring, peaceful, unsettling, violent?

-- Anonymous, October 12, 2004

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