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hello everyone, im in the process of converting my Shinora turnouts to DCC friendly ones. i read the section about this on this site and it was very informative. im kinda in a spot and i need tie throw bars like now, so i checked around here locally to find the PC board i needed. i found it at Radio Shack and it was reasonably priced. my question is.... will a carbide jig saw blade cut this material well enough to use? i dont have access to a table saw, so i need to make do with what i have. i used to install ceramic tile and to cut it i used a diamond tooth blade in my jig saw. will this type of blade work ok? any info appreciated! thanks!

-- steve manchester (, October 01, 2004



Wow, I didn't know they made carbide jig saw blades. I need to get some of those.

I have found carbide tipped saw blades cut circuit boards very well. Your jig saw blade should work fine.


-- Allan Gartner (, October 01, 2004.

thanks allen, i think im gonna go ahead and get a roto zip tool instead, that way i know it will work right!

-- steve manchester (, October 01, 2004.

Steve, I was in the same boat as you earlier this year and tried to cut my own ties from PC board. Even though I thought I had the right tools and blades, it wasn't as easy as it seems. Instead I called the Clover House people and they rushed the ties to me in two days. They are great to work with and save a lot of headaches. By the time I bought the right blades, etc., it was cheaper to buy the great product from Clover House. Give them a try, even if it takes a couple of days.

-- Joey Goodman (, October 26, 2004.

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