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yo...i have an x1 pocket bike..ive gotten it to 40 from doing a couple different things ive heard from ppl....if you have something crazy that works tell me...this is what ive done...1-drilled out the filter....2-drilled out the exhaust...and had it bored a few ccs...i gained about 10-15 mph from that stuff...if theres anything else you can think of please tell me thanks

-- dave (vzeehenl@verizon.net), September 30, 2004


Go to a hobby store, buy a litre or so of 'glow fuel', go home, slowly add up to a litre of water (pref. distilled / mineral) to it until you get complete separation, take a syringe or similar and extract the top layer, without getting any of the bottom layer. Now add this to a litre of your regular fuel (make it a 10 - 15% mix). Add octane booster as well. Now you have a super fuel. Will add a lot of power, but may need to close choke a bit.

-- hubert cumberdale (raging_syphilis@hotmail.com), October 02, 2004.

get a racing air filter!

it adds about 15% acceleration, and about 10% more speed! well it did to mine anyways!

can you email me please dave? i wana know how to bore the exhaust and filter!

-- Adam Day (morpheus@alien-attack.co.uk), January 08, 2005.

i want to now how to drill out to

-- mike (www.hnmoore@aol.com), February 19, 2005.

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