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I have made some vcd's from mpeg files of movies I have, but the sound is always off sync by a few seconds. The mpeg plays fine on the computer, was wondering if there anything I could do to fix it?

I use nero to burn the vcd's. I always try to burn at the slowest rate and do a simulation before burning but that doesn't always work. Is there anything else I can do?

-- Arshes Chin (, September 30, 2004


It could be your DVD player. I've read in the past on another forum where a guy would make VCDs or SVCDs and they would play fine on one player and be out of sync on another. If your VCDs play fine on your PC, after burning them, then it's probably your DVD player. You don't say anything about how you made the VCDs (did you encode them yourself, download them from the Internet, etc.), so I can only guess. has a bit rate viewer. You can use it to look at the bit rate of your VCDs. The bit rate is supposed to be a constant 1.115 Mbps (1115000 in the Bit Rate Viewer screen). If your bit rate is less than 1.05 Mpbs or greater than 1.2 Mbps, the problem may be that your bit rate is too far away from VCD standards for your DVD player to play it correctly. PCs don't care what the bit rate is, but standalone players have firmware that expects bit rates to be within a certain range of values and the players get unhappy if you deviate from that range.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), September 30, 2004.

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