i want to build a gocart with a high speed but i need to know how to do it has antone got any plans or help 4 me ????? thanx ben

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i want to build a high speed go cart but does antone know where i can get plans ??? or has any one got ant help or sumtnhing plzzzzz thanks ben

-- ben richards (welshboy1791@hotmail.com), September 29, 2004


So what if you get 'plans'? What are you going to do? Machine and fabricate all the parts yourself? Or are you going to buy them from a supplier? Then it's as easy as building a sandwich, you just do it, you don't need plans. Why don't you think. Here's an example: PLANS TO BUILD HIGH SPEED GO-CART: Take bread and put cheese between the slices.

Now you think and should realise that this is wrong. Why? Because it has no wheels, engine, brakes or steering, and that bread and cheese is a poor construction material. So you start to think, what is a good material? Steel. OK, now you need the other things that the sandwich lacks. Wheels - now you have to think, do wheels appear themselves? Obviously not, they have to come from somewhere, obviously off another vehicle such as another go-cart, a trolley, a wheelbarrow, whatever, or else you'll need to fabricate them. Fabrication is the key word - are the parts either 1) too hard to fabricate yourself and need to be aquired from another source (ie. pre- fabricated) or 2) easy enough to be fabricated using materials and tools available to you. I could go onto the other parts, like engine etc. but that's up to you, I've given you the plan. If you think you can fabricate an engine, go ahead, but the truth is that some things are easier to purchase (ie. require less time and effort overall. Eg. you could work for a year trying to build an engine, or you could work at the supermarket for a week to get enough money to buy one. This is where this amazing human quality called 'discression' comes in). Good luck, and if you come across any problems, then I'll be happy to help.

-- the coke smuggler (razzle_dazzle@hotmail.com), October 02, 2004.

Think Razzles answer was a real smart ass - at least he should learn how to spell

-- Jim (mountainman1237@hotmail.com), October 12, 2004.

Yeah, learn to spell "discretion" and "acquire". That's it. Don't tell me you know how to spell every English word in existence. Therefore you need to learn how to spell too.

-- razzle (razzle_dazzle@hotmail.com), November 08, 2004.


-- spank (poopoo@hotmail.com), November 21, 2004.

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