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Bishop Vashti Mckenzie, President of the Bishop's Council contacted the A.M.E. Herald and is asking help from all A.M.E's to help our members affected by Hurricanes in district 16, 11 and 9. Please respond and let's get the word out across the connection! Here is her message.


Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie, President of the Council of Bishops, Bishop Gregory Ingram, Secretary, Bishop Phillip R. Cousin, Senior Bishop.

The Council of Bishops is issuing an AME Call to Action! on behalf of our brothers and sisters devastated by a series of hurricanes in Districts 9, 11 and 16. An unusually active hurricane season has led to the loss of many lives, great destruction of churches, personal property, power outages, businesses closing or severely impaired. The Southeastern portion of the United States and the Caribbean has had more than enough wind and rain. Still this weekend Hurricane Jeanne blew into the Bahamas and slammed into Florida dumping tons of rain, eroding beaches, bringing down power lines with more than one million people without power. Homes have been flooded from high water storm surges in low lying areas. The hurricane season however is not over. It does not end until November. Bishop Carolyn Tyler Guidry returned after viewing the devastation to report that many AME’s are without shelter, food and fresh water. More than 88 AME families are homeless and one pastor and family of eight are still reported missing. Haiti, Dominican Republic and Jamaica were the hardest hit. The AME church in Grenada was completely destroyed. She will be returning soon hoping to take funds for the rebuilding effort. Donations can be sent to: 16th Episcopal District, 1968 West Adams Blvd., Suite 314 Los Angeles, California 90018-3515. General Officer George Flowers, Global Missions also just recently returned from 2. the 16th District. He took much needed medical supplies to the Richard Hildebrand Clinic in Haiti. He indicates that the greatest help so far in that region has come from the International Red Cross and Church World Service. Dr. Flowers indicated that non-perishable items and other goods may need to come in later weeks to the Caribbean. Significant ports of entry areas are still blocked. There are goods still sitting on docks for the lack of help and in some places it is not safe to travel yet. Monetary donations are the best form of help at this time. Bishop McKinley Young reports that in Florida some churches have sustained damage. This includes blown roofs, damaged siding, shingles and windows. More than one million homes are still out without power and the newest hurricane exasperates the situation. Bishop Young indicates that the Bahamas sustained great damage and needs the most help at this time. Rev. John White Sr. has been named the chair of the disaster relief effort for the 11th. Contributions may be sent to the Disaster Relief Fund,11th Episcopal District Office, 101 East Union Street, Suite 301 Jacksonville, Florida 32202. Bishop T. Larry Kirkland states that the Mobile, Montgomery and surrounding areas have been the hardest hit. A few churches have sustained damage along with extensive loss of personal real property. The clean-up effort on the Gulf Coast is on-going with many just returning to their homes or having power restored before Hurricane Jeanne came along this weekend. Rev. James Rouse is one of the chairs for the relief effort. Donations may be sent

. to 9th Episcopal District Office 2101 Daniel Payne Drive, Building 2, Birmingham, Alabama 35214. The Council of Bishops urges all to respond to this AME Call to Action. Here is an opportunity to demonstrate the Love of God towards those who are in dire need! The majority of the presiding bishops are requesting disaster relief funds to be brought to Mid-Year Conferences and Planning Meetings.

AME CALL TO PRAYER Local churches across the AME connection are asked not only to act but also to pray! This Sunday until the end of the 2004 hurricane season each congregation is asked to lift specific prayers for victims in the wake of Bonnie, Charley, Frances and Jeanne. At every worship opportunity, pray that the Lord says “Peace Be Still” to hurricane force winds and rains! Pray that storms will pass over to the North Atlantic far away from islands and the large land masses of North and Central America. Let us “touch and agree” in prayer for the safety, security and recovery of our brothers and sisters. “If my People who are called by my name should humble themselves and pray……” Together, we can demonstrate the strength of our concern for one another. Let us put feet to our faith and teeth into our plans of action to help the victims ravaged by this series of serious storms.

-- Anonymous, September 27, 2004

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