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hello everyone, im pretty new to DCC, but im looking forward to learning it. my queston is... i bought a bunch of large radius Shinora turnouts and i was eager to try them to make sure they worked with no problems, they were used but in new condition. the test track i used was 2 pices of 3' flex track with a Shinora turnout on it. the turnouts worked fine, except that when i manually moved the position of the switch blades to go the other route, the locomotive would just quit. now, from what i have read, the turnouts arent DCC friendly, but im not sure of the best way to convert them to be DCC friendly. i know i need to cut the rails somewhere, but im not sure where or how. im useing a NCE PHP with only a single booster and ill be running several locos at a time. can someone point me to a source where i can read how to do this? like i said, im new and i dont want to cut expensive turnouts wrong. thanks!

-- steve manchester (, September 25, 2004


This web page contains what you need regarding the old style turnout:

This web page describes the new style, in case you are interested:

This is the main web page regarding turnouts:

-- Allan Gartner (, September 25, 2004.

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