I'm so mixed up

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My name is Jackie. I want to get my life sorted. My dad died 2 years ago. I met this guy and was really moody and jealous and decided to tell him why i am like this. You see i usually just stay with someone til things start getting serious then finish it. I felt it was time to try and move on but when i told him, ok he listened but i still get silly things in my head and he just reacted the totally opposite way. I thought we could get through them together but he says i need proffessional help! The thing is my dad abused me when i was younger and i just seemed to put it to the back off my mind but now that i have told my boyfriend i feel totally alone cause we have stopped seeing each other. I tried explaining to him that i need him top but he just works all the time and i can't speak to him!

-- Jackie (gilljones@campusonline.org.uk), September 23, 2004

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