Origin of the concept of ecology in psychology?

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Who was it that originally introduced the concept of ecology in the psychological context? Gibson, or Neisser, or somebody earlier?

-- Mauri Kaipainen (mauri.kaipainen@iki.fi), September 17, 2004


The subdiscipline of "Ecological Psychology" is usually attributed to J.J. Gibson, Ulrich Neisser is now a follower of the idea (but he was also a "founder" of cognitive psychology in an earlier "incarnation." Other well-known ecological psychologists include M. T. Turvey and Robert Shaw, who were, I believe, editors of the journal, _Ecological Psychology_ for a long while.

-- Christopher Green (christo@yorku.ca), September 18, 2004.

Maybe will you be interested by Urie Bronfenbrenner' works. Have a look at: http://www.psy.pdx.edu/PsiCafe/KeyTheorists/Bronfenbrenner.htm#About

-- Rock Faulkner (rock.faulkner@umontreal.ca), September 17, 2004.

More directly interesting to you is probably: Harry Heft (2001) Ecological Psychology in Context. James Gibson, Roger Barker, and rhe Legacy of William James 's Radical Empircism. Lawrence Earlbaum Associates, Inc. 464p. 0-8058-2350-6

-- Rock Faulkner (rock.faulkner@umontreal.ca), September 20, 2004.

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